Industrial environments

Keeping it clean

Keeping it clean

Factory floors are a CPU’s worst nightmare. But more and more, computers and servers are moving into the active centres of factories. With automation in factories, computers are about more than inventory and e-mail. Often they are running important equipment. Servers need to be connected and managed, sometimes from the factory floor, and they also need to be separate from unclean environments.

Industrial centres now isolate CPUs and servers in a clean room. Usually a keyboard-monitor-mouse setup is in a safer corner of the factory floor to enable server access. Industrial technology for factories is focussed on extension and server access, and is moving into secure cables to prevent tripping and accidental disconnects.

Digital KVM switching

One solution that is particularly suitbable for small to medium-sized control room applications is DCX3000. This flexible 30-port high-performance KVM matrix switch ensures fast and reliable switching of digital HD video, audio and USB.

Centralise control

When it comes to mission-critical equipment, there is no level of acceptable risk. Environmental monitoring sensors with instant alerts,


network multicasting and extended video feeds controlled from one keyboard/monitor/mouse setup, and video processors that deliver multiple views on one screen are just a few solutions to consider.

Keeping it clean

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