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  SpaceGain angled cables and panels

SpaceGAIN - Angled Patch Cables and Patch Panels

Space-saving solutions for high-density infrastructures

In a survey* of IT professionals, 85% said they are increasing density to:

  • 50%: Reduce cabinet/rack space.
  • 47%: Lower costs.
  • 38%: Save on cable management.

The SpaceGAIN brochure
(PDF file, 1,45 MB)

* Source: “Innovating in a Time of Change: Investment and Technical Trends in the Data Center,” CommScope, Sept. 2009


SpaceGAIN 90° Angled CAT5e/CAT6 Cables

  • The angle makes space work for you.
  • Gain up to 10cm of cabling space.
  • Reduce cabling congestion in crowded cabinets.
  • Eliminate cable managers.
  • Make easier wallplate connections.
  • Make neater desktop connections.

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Route cables directly into ports


SpaceGAIN 45° Angled-Port Patch Panels

  • Reduce cable congestion in crowded cabinets.
  • 45° downward angled ports eliminate cable looping.
  • Ideal for retrofitting cabinets.
  • Protect bend radius.
  • Eliminate cable managers.
  • CAT5e and CAT6 24- and 48-port models.

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