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Connect Networking Devices in Hard-to-Reach Unpowered Areas

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology, defined in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards, that provides both data AND power over a standard twisted-pair cable in an Ethernet network. The technology is used to power low-wattage network devices such as IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points and VoIP phones in remote hard-to-reach locations without worrying about the closest power socket, making it extremely useful for industrial applications. The use of PoE makes an extra power supply unnecessary.

A PoE-compatible device can be a power source device (PSE or Power Sourcing Equipment), a powered device (PD) or sometimes both. Given the limited power a network cable can transmit, this technology is not feasible for larger power consumers, such as servers.

PoE Connectivity Benefits

  • Simultaneous Delivery of Data and Power

    The main advantage of PoE is the simultaneous delivery of both data and power over a standard CAT5e/6 cable.

  • Cost-Effective

    Since PoE requires only one cable to transfer both data and power, it saves on wiring, tubing and labour.

  • Connect Devices in Hard-to-Reach Areas

    By using PoE, you can place devices where it is impractical to install a power supply or where there is no power outlet.

  • Easy Installation of Devices

    With PoE, the constraint of having power outlets is eliminated. You simply find the right location for the device and click the Ethernet cable into the RJ45 socket.

  • Reliability

    Since the LAN is usually protected from power failure by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), any loss of mains power would mean that the UPS can maintain the integrity of the PoE network.

PoE Connectivity Types and Voltages

Typically, the IEEE802.3af PoE standard provides 15.4W of power per port. The currently best performing PoE standard is IEEE 802.3at, also known as PoE+, which allows for up 30.0W of power to the PoE device. That's sufficient power for devices such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras. But it's not enough for technology like flat screen displays, LED lighting, or retail POS terminals.

To meet the demand for higher power, the IEEE is set to release a new PoE standard to significantly increase capacity. IEEE 802.3bt, also knows as Ultra PoE or UPOE, will allow for up to 60W to 100W of power at the source by providing power over four pairs of wires (compared to the previous technology's ability to power over just two pairs). This increase in power allows you to use PoE for a greater range of devices and applications.

Read our Black Box Explains article PoE in Networking Explained: Standards, Types and Voltages to find out more.

PoE Connectivity Products Portfolio

Black Box offers a wide selection of commercial and industrial PoE products. Use our PRODUCT SELECTOR (available soon) to help you find the right PoE product for your application.

PoE/PoE+ Switches

PoE/PoE+ Switches

Provide power across CATx cable to all connected PoE devices. Choose from standard or industrial housings, different copper speeds, with or without fibre uplinks, managed or unmanaged.


PoE/PoE+ Media Converters

PoE/PoE+ Media Converters

Extend an Ethernet network over fibre and power distant wireless access points, security cameras, sensors, and other PoE/PoE+ devices. Choose from standard or industrial housings, and different copper and fibre speeds.


PoE Repeaters

PoE Repeaters

Extend PoE connections beyond the 100 m limit to access faraway PoE devices such as access points, cameras, and VoIP phones. Use a repeater for an additional 100 m.


PoE Injectors

PoE Injectors

Add power to an Ethernet cable for PoE-enabled equipment connected to non-PoE switches. Using PoE injectors, you avoid the cost and hassle of installing AC power at remote cameras or door scanners.


PoE/PoE+ Splitters

PoE/PoE+ Splitters

Send Gigabit Ethernet plus PoE/PoE+ power to a non-PoE device by splitting the power from the data and feeding it to a seperate input of the non-PoE compliant device.


PoE/PoE+ Network Testers

PoE/PoE+ Network Testers

Enable PoE/PoE+ service detection, load testing and voltage information.


PoE Connectivity Applications

PoE Connectivity Applications - Corporate


The communication infrastructure challenges within today's corporate environments are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. Due to the simple and cost-effective installation, PoE technology is very often used in corporate applications. PoE technology offers an easy expansion of Wi-Fi networks, and simple installation of IP surveillance cameras and VoIP systems. Automating all these processes reduces stress on IT departments, allowing them to focus on other concerns.

PoE Connectivity Applications - Industry & Manufacturing

Industry & Manufacturing

Powering network devices in industrial environments can be challenging. IP surveillance cameras, remote sensors and other PoE-enabled devices are being installed in possibly hard-to-reach places on factory floors. PoE technology simplifies the installation by enabling the use of one twisted pair cable without the need for additional power outlets. Industrial PoE switches and media converters are especially designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh industrial environments.

PoE Connectivity Applications - Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Network power availability has to be ensured at all times, even in the most remote or hazardous sites. PoE technology simplifies the installation in hard-to-reach areas and provides a reliable and cost-effective source of power over the same Ethernet network that is used for f.e. wireless access points or IP surveillance cameras. Industrial PoE switches and media converters are especially designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh refinery environments.

PoE Connectivity Applications - Healthcare


Older hospitals and the trend of digitising patient records have created a challenge for the IT department in hospitals with a growing demand for reliable connectivity through more powerful wireless networks. PoE technology provides reliable and secure wireless networks, allowing plug-and-play network upgrades, regardless of the location or placement of existing power sockets.


Power over Ethernet


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