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Protect your staff,
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Protect your staff, protect your company

Digital signage solutions

One of the key requirements to be recently developed by the energy sector, is the need to provide clear and concise Health and Safety information to all employees and contractors based at or visiting energy sites. This has brought about the use of digital signage as an ideal way to provide much needed information direct to the staff as and when it is required.

Digital screens can provide simple information such as access requirements, compulsory use of safety equipment and clothing, and contact details for on-site H & S staff. Way-finding is another typical application - very useful across sites which are typically very large areas.

Procedures in case of evacuation, training, and even site induction courses can be fully automated reducing costs and minimising the disruption to staff throughout their day.

Information can be updated instantly, and multiple messages can be provided simultaneously, and unlike static posters which tend to be ignored or over looked, the digital screens provide eye catching, changing content that is both relevant and concise.

Digital Signage provides the perfect solution for these requirements and is incredibly easy to use and manage, with content updates taking only a moment. Signage solutions can also be linked into alarm systems to provide emergency information when it really counts.

iCompel P Series

Ideal for large digital signage requirements, the P Series provides the ultimate in easy to use signage solutions. Supporting up to four full HD video zones, unlimited text and image zones, HTML and RSS zones, and a built-in HDMI video capture card, the P Series provides the most flexible and easy to use signage to date. It can be used as both the publisher and the subscriber units and contains predefined layouts. Users have the ability to create unique layouts with very little knowledge.


If you require an easy to use signage system to provide across plant information, the P Series VESA provides a scaleable path. Supporting HD Video up to 1080p, multiple zones and the ability to support images, RSS feeds, audio and flash simultaneously, the P Series VESA range with the correct model, can support WiFi access for the updating and distribution of content.


Ideal for signage applications that only require standard definition video capture from a set top box or satellite receiver, the S Series provides two 1080p video playback zones, unlimited text and image zones, HTML and RSS zones, and a GPIO interface. This is for linking to alarm systems, allowing your signage to act as an emergency way finding and information system.


MediaCento IPX

The MediaCento IPX unit provides the connectivity solution from video sources to screens, utilising an IP network. Requiring minimal bandwidth but supporting 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps networks, and resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200, the IPX is set up by the use of a 16 position rotary switch. It transports the HDMI interface up to 100 metres point to point, or almost unlimited across an IP network. Perfect for across plant use.

MediaFlyer Express

MediaFlyer Express provides the perfect signage platform for use over the cloud. Managed via a web browser, content can be uploaded and distributed using broadband connections. The system supports PowerPoint slides, flash, MPEG4 and various other media formats. It is easy to use and can be provided with a 1 year or a 3 year license.


The kiosk display range provides indoor free standing high-definition screens in a hardened, solid steel casing, with built-in fans for cooling. They support all of our media players and are ideal for use in any digital signage system. Resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080p are supported and the operating temperature range is 0 to +50’C.

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